The International Alliance was founded by seven recruitment companies spanning across Europe, all sharing the same common goals and passion.
united kingdom, norway, sweden, denmark
college scholarships usa

Team CSUSA is vastly experienced and has assisted 2000+ student-athletes, from 30 countries, obtain scholarships in the US since being formed in 2007. We are all former student-athletes and possess the expertise and contacts that have enabled athletes to achieve lucrative scholarships and compete in many different College Sports.


At AGM we are proud to have succeeded in changing the lives of more than 2.000 student-athletes. Our students take advantage of the American educational system, obtaining their university degree, which along with the learned English language, are the keys to be successful in their future.

germany, austria, switzerland

Sport Scholarships has been providing athletes with sports scholarships to US universities since 1998. We were the first and are the most experienced agency in the German-speaking area. For many years we have built a trusting relationship with many US coaches, especially the top teams in the USA.

netherlands, belgium (nl)

KingsTalent is founded in 2015 and is the leading sports recruiting agency in the Netherlands and Belgium. Over the years we have sent over hundreds student-athletes to the US; having the best time of their lives. We create a life changing experience for our student-athletes providing them the best possible guidance towards quality programs in the USA.

college life italia

College Life Italia is one of the international leaders in the world of sport and education and represents the only institutional bridge in this sector between Italy and the United States.

Portugal, South Africa
nextlevel sports

Next Level is a consulting company specializing in arranging Sports Scholarships in colleges located in the USA for student-athletes. We prepare student-athletes both in academics and sports in order to create oportunities and solutions for those who want to continue their sports career while pursuing their college education.

France, Morocco, Switzerland, Algeria

The French Football Federation and E2A have entered into a partnership to promote the placement in the universities of young footballers who have not signed up for a a professional contract with a club in France. FFFusa has sent more than 280 young French players to American Universities and obtained more than 8.5 Million Dollars of scholarship for these young people in 5 years (110 players in Centre de Formation but also 170 players from the amateur world).

Soccer & Education USA

Soccer & Education USA is the #1 recruiting service in Iceland for elite soccer players. Our goal is to search for the ideal university for each and everyone based on their academic- and athletic level. We also factor in location, climate, the size of the school and field of study. Our passion is to find the right fit for each of our clients, both academically and athletically. We are extremely proud to have assisted 200+ student athletes to pursue their dream in the U.S.

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