about us
We are united to help student-athletes around the world have the opportunity to study and play sports in American Universities.

The International Alliance was founded on 4th July 2018:

The International Alliance was founded after long-term discussions and brainstorming on how we can help improve the international student-athlete experience and the college sports recruiting industry.

The members of the International Alliance have a huge network of student-athletes across all the States and all college divisions. Combined, we help more than 1,000 international student-athletes to the US college system every year.

Through the International Alliance we are stronger together, become more significant and have a platform to help make a positive impact on the status quo for international student-athletes and college sports recruiters. In this unregulated industry, there is a need to join forces to ensure a certain standard for how to operate is set and followed. Too many organizations - big or small - in this industry are not educated on, or do not follow (by choice or by ignorance) the rules and regulations which will negatively impact the student-athletes.

The International Alliance aims for a level playing field for international college sports recruiters. Through knowledge-sharing and workshops with college sports governing bodies we stay up to date on the regulations and ahead of the changes. The student-athletes being helped by Alliance-members have the benefit of the combined experiences, cases seen, and knowledge gained by our members for decades.

The International Alliance is a collection of elite college sports recruiters collaborating to:

Help set the ethical and moral standards for the American college sports recruiting industry

Ensure a level playing field for international college sports recruiters

Serve as a collective voice for services in international college recruiting

Work with universities, governing bodies and collaborators for the betterment of the student-athlete and international recruiting processes

code of ethics
The International Alliance operates under a code of ethics.
honor code
Operating honestly in presentation of services to students and promotion of athletes to coaches. To provide, to the best of ability, accurate and fair representation of what is possible, by offering open and honest expectations to all parties.
Eligibility Rules
Following the NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA rules and ethics in offering and delivering our services. Ensure that all contracts with student-athletes and operations are approved by Eligibility Centers.
General Compliance
All members endeavor to have a sound understanding of the rules. Members strive to improve and educate staff to be in compliance with all regulations.
Open collaboration and knowledge sharing on key industry news, eligibility rules and information to help better service the international recruiting industry.
Student-athletes using a service provided by an Alliance member can submit complaints to the Alliance if there are grounds for that, which ensures our members adhere to the code of ethics.

An important aspect of the International Alliance is knowledge-sharing. Alliance members will share good/bad experiences with schools in the US, admissions processes, American coaches and interpretation of rules / regulations in NCAA / NAIA / NJCAA.

Current Alliance student-athletes can assist incoming student-athletes with their knowledge and experience of the schools, sports program and area. By utilizing our network we can help our student-athletes in the best possible way to their ideal institution and make the recruiting process smoother.

Alliance members team up on hosting showcases making it easier for US coaches to come to Europe to recruit.

Through other initiatives by Alliance members, we also assist student-athletes find opportunities for masters programs, jobs etc. after graduation.


The International Alliance and all its members meet up at least twice a year.

Each Alliance member will be given their task / responsibilities as decided at the annual general meeting and the role of the Chairman is voted upon.

All members are expected to adhere to the terms of the International Alliance agreement and operate in the spirit of the Alliance, practicing in an honest and ethical manner. Members are expected to contribute in collective projects and offer ideas and efforts to further the groups purpose on improving standards, policies and projects in the US College Sports Recruiting Industry.

For collective projects all members agree to share equally in financial costs for projects. A membership fee is paid annually.

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