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Tennis Smart

Tennis Smart is a sports recruiting agency for tennis in Great Britain. The company works with its student-athletes through every transition, from placement in American or British university to their pathway out into the working world. Their objective is to stop the 50% drop our rate in British junior tennis players, by offering clear and attainable goals with a supportive team surrounding them.

United Kingdom
Future Elite Sports

Future Elite Sports is a sports agency based in the UK. Our Future Elite Team have been working with talented athletes and assisting them with University placements for over 10 years. The personal approach, along side the extensive athlete support has meant each athlete and their family gets a bespoke approach.

This has been recognised by the UKs leading governing bodies in school and college sport. We currently partner AOC Sport, England Colleges FA, Wales Colleges FA and Wales Schools FA and have done for the last 8 years.

Everyone at Future Elite Sports is a former student-athlete across various different sports, which gives us first-hand experience of relating to our athletes and assisting them with every part of the process.

We are extremely excited to be joining the Alliance, to join forces with some of Europes top scholarship agencies.

Be One Sports and Education

Be One Sports and Education was founded by Lucas Baldin, former mens soccer Hermann semifinalist for University of South Florida in 2014 and drafted in the 2015 MLS Draft by Real Salt Lake.

The company was founded in Mexico City, Mexico, in 2018 and by Fall 2022 it will have more than 120 student-athletes in the United States, not only from Mexico but also from a variety of Latin American countries.

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